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Zen Likely 2 will be unveiled on April 3 rd to the Iphone app Retail outlet to match with the turmoil the Ipad from apple, and is a certified apple ipad kick off concept.

The overall game could be the follow up to the productive first from builder Key Exit, and definately will comprise even more of all you adored in Zen Likely, which includes a lot more music, a lot more quantities, much better graphics and new gameplay areas that expand on the initial video game. Zen Likely 2 is &the two a follow up and also a revision with the primary concept.

The overall game will even contain enhanced types of quantities taken from the initial. Although the newest quantities will concentrate on new gameplay technicians.

An apple iphone variation will probably stick to after the turmoil the apple ipad video game, that's typically the emphasis to the builder.

Never ever heard about Zen Likely? Here is the state outline with the primary video game:

&A relaxed and hypnotic bet on covering piece of string about wooden statues.

Something to enjoy at the gradual velocity: a game when a high report is not the goal. Zen Likely was made to difficult task in a very subdued way, it does not episode or pressure the player.

Zen Likely is actually a bet on stone, lumber and piece of string very much efforts was put into leading them to sense appropriate. Primarily, we concentrate on playability and gloss.

Zen Likely attributes an innovative play report and sound effects by Phantom Horse. Initial principle and development by Mikko Memon Mononen, of humble demoscene knowledge and previously in head electrical engineer placement for Crysis.

Here is a movie with the first video game.

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